Friday, August 28, 2009

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

I know, another post about Home Goods. But I needed a tablecloth. Well, I didn't NEED it, but I desired it tremendously! And where else would I go?

I have all these thoughts in my head for certain decor ideas and I have to play them out.

Right now I'm thinking pure white, square plates. I haven't found the exact ones I want yet, but I will :) Plus, I found lovely white serving dishes at CB2. The plan is coming into play nicely!

So if I get the plates, I have to accompany them with the perfect tablecloth, right? Just say "right".

Before I reveal the accoutrement to my future plates, here are some Home Goods finds I want to share... Get used to it!

Cool table napkins

I love this tablecloth

Table napkin with matching tablecloth. I don't like the idea of matchy-matchy, but it would be cool to mix and match them.

A tablecloth for a contemporary look.

The colors in this picture would awaken any dull room.

More cool stuff!

And now for the big reveal...

It may not look like much now, but with the white plates, and all the dramatics I plan to put around them (candles, flowers, etc.), it will look fabulous! And for $16 bucks, I'll make it work. This tablecloth reminds me of this pillow. As I have said before, I love the idea of a traditional touch surrounded by contemporary pairings. I'm a contempo gal, but I like to switch it up.

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