Tuesday, August 25, 2009

NY State of Mind

Time is a tickin' and I had to leave Vosges and head to CB2. CB2 is Crate&Barrel's more contemporary line of furniture and home furnishings, and its a little cheaper.

There are so many distractions on every block in NY. The store could have easily closed on me if I didn't give myself some extra time to get there. I am practiced at the NY weekend trip, so I know how I am...

... And I was right. I found diversions left and right. I picked up some fabulous jewelry at the street vendors, and I just had to stop at one of my favorite haunts, the Pearl River Mart. It is a retail store filled with Chinese goods packed with everything you can imagine. Fabrics, clothes, dishes, lighting, bedding, etc.

Cool gift boxes.

This picture doesn't do this pillowcase justice.

With all of these great things around me, I managed to stay focused. I had items at CB2 I wanted to purchase and those darn street vendors ate into my shopping budget with their tempting baubles! I grabbed a box of gardenia incense (which don't smell like incense at all), and continued on my mission.

I finally make it to CB2. I mean, really, is avoiding shipping and handling really worth it? Absolutely!

Of course, after I take a couple of pics, my camera's battery dies. I had to take the rest with my cell phone, so they might be a little fuzzy. None-the-less, take a look.

It was so crowded in the store, it was hard for me to take more pics. I, however, did picked up different types of serving dishes and some champagne flutes. Now I have to find something to celebrate. I'm ready to drink out of those fantastic flutes.

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