Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Have an amazing weekend! I've been feeling a lot like this trapped mouse with this unbearable heat, but I hear we're supposed to get a break in the weather here in DC. I think I'm going to attempt to make my granddaddy's delicious gumbo (before, it was literally too hot and I had to get out of the kitchen), hit the driving range (although I'm embarrassingly bad), and try a little decor project in my kitchen. If it turns out ok, I will definitely share.

Happy Weekend!

(Photo Credit: FFFFOUND!)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Elevate Your Cooking

I'm such a germ-a-phobe. When I cook, I hate to lay my utensils down on the counter. I know it's clean, because I cleaned it, but I still feel too aware of all the germs that have gathered every second since the counter was last wiped down. Furthermore, I don't want to constantly wipe the counter after messy sauces and grease.

Elevate utensils are perfect! A set is $40. If they would just come in better colors, I would be completely sold.

(Photo credit: Yanko Designs)


If you wanna buy me chocolate, this would be much appreciated! Love this...

iChocolate from Etsy.

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