Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shower Me With Style

Apparently, the pics I took in CB2 with my cell phone aren't posting. I truly apologize- lesson learned.

There is, however, just a little more of my NY trip that I have to share with you.

I attended a bridal shower at Tavern on the Dean in Brooklyn, NY. It was a great spot to hold the shower because it was so unassuming, yet laid back and charming; and it had a great layout for a large party. One of the bridesmaids, Tomi, was responsible for the decor and did a phenomenal job. She turned a pub-like atmosphere into a modern, sophisticated, tasteful shower. The food was plentiful and delicious, and the service was great. The food was set up buffet style and was all you can eat, which is music to my ears.

Each place setting had a non-alcoholic Tequila Sunrise, which matched the decor.

The placemats were actually contact paper, which was an ingenious way to do it on the cheap.

This fabulous cake was surrounded by the favors, which were given out to the guests at the end. It also was great how the theme from the dinner tables were carried on to the cake table by repeating the display of the small votives and the large votives containing flowers.

The votives were filled with silk flowers so that they could sustain in water, and topped with candles for an elegant effect.

The favors were small travel candles and tea infusers. Tomi had the innovative idea of giving cocktail recipies for each flavor of tea infuser. Above are recipies for Chai tea: Chai Cooler, Chai White Russian, and Bombay Chai Rum and Tonic. I can't wait to try them.

The decor was a great success. No detail was left unfinished. Great job Tomi!

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