Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year From The Art Of...!!

I have so many things to work on in 2010. I not only have to work on the design within my home but I must also work on the design within myself. Both are always a work in progress. Perfection may be impossible, but as long as you put forth a valiant effort and invest the time, you can always look at your work with the satisfaction that you tried your best and have enhanced and strenghtened your lifestyle and circumstances; but keep in mind that there is always room for improvement. After all your hard work, people will walk into your home and into your heart and say, "This is really nice".

Happy New Year!!!

Pic: Va$htie

Chi Town Living

I have to thank Strange Closets for his post on "Jim and Steve's Lakeside Condo (designed by Jonathon's Jesse Campbell). This condo is located in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood, and I want it for myself.

Where can I get that sofa?

I love cultural pieces in a room and unexpected pops of color.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Luxury Item: A Chalkboard??

I thought it would be nice to have a chalkboard in my kitchen like they have in those cute little cafes or French bistro's. Did you know that a chalkboard is super expensive? Why? I mean, it's a board-- for chalk? At Pottery Barn it's $99 to $150?? Seriously? Even JCPenny has one for $150, and its ugly.

After surfing the Internet I ran into Aubrey + Lindsay's blog, and found out how to do it for under $40. Check it out here.

I'll let you know if I decide to tackle that project. It seems pretty easy.

Maire Claire Miason via The City Sage

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Crystal is a Girl's Best Friend

Today I went to Landmark Mall in Alexandria, Virginia, to pay my Sears bill. I decided to wander around when I suddenly became enchanted by these stunning crystal chandeliers gleaming through the store window of a shop called Home Decor Unlimited. As soon as I move into another home with a nice sized formal dining room, I'm investing in one of these chandeliers.

I'm ready to move now!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Find Me a Cocktail Table

My friend emailed me that she liked the cocktail table in the Eating With Art and Soul post. She said that she would like something similar in her condo, but that it cannot take up too much space.

Here is the cocktail table:

Here are some options she may want to explore...

Inexpensive options:
Find at:; Modern 38-inch Mariner Coffee Table, $93.99. This coffee table is a great size for condo living, and the glass material does not visually demand your space. It still allows the room to look open.
Find at:; Contemporary Black Coffee Table, $165.95. This coffee table is perfect for a small space. It is multifunctional, and they are nesting tables that can be pushed together to create more space. Pull them apart for guests and entertaining.

Find at; Kidney Bean Coffee Table; $159.00. It comes in 4 different stains. Also try for 8 more color choices, and its cheaper at $115.00.

Moderately priced options:

Find at Modern Line Furniture; $199.95. This is actually an end table, but I think it would work superbly as a coffee table. At 29"l x 23"w x 20"h; this is ideal for a small space.

Find at; Trace Cocktail Table, $263.20

More expensive options:
Find at; Eko Cocktail Table; $335.20.

Find at; Hannah Cocktail Table, $423.20. I love the bold statement of this table without being too large and commanding. It's contemporary and sleek. It pairs perfectly with all types of decor.

Hope this helps!

And Now A Word From Our Sponsors...

I picked up a bag of these limited edition Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark Chocolate Squares. At first bite I wasn't really sold- but then I kept eating them. I'm hooked! I'm also out :(

Eating with Art and Soul

A little while ago, I met up with some friends at Art and Soul restaurant near Capitol Hill in NW, Washington, DC. I only ate a couple of appetizers and dessert, so it warrants a trip back to try the entrees. The food is gourmet southern style cooking based on Chef Art Smith's southern roots and cooking heritage.

I had the spice rubbed Ahi Tuna with fried green tomatoes and green tomato relish, and the Maryland Crab Bisque. The bisque was a little luke warm and probably would have tasted better hot, but the Ahi Tuna was very good. I took a bite of a friend's collard greens, which were pretty good, but not like the "southern" style greens I know and love.

For dessert I had the Chocolate Stout Pudding Cake with pear butter, chewy caramel, and cinnamon cream. It sounded amazing. With all those yummy ingredients I expected it to be absolutely decadent, but I probably should have waited to try it before I gave it such high expectations. It was tasty, but not as sinful as I had hoped it would be. But sinful for me may down right be a spot in Hades for the next person.

I'll be back to try the main courses. My friends seemed to enjoy their entrees. I'll have a better gage on how good the food is once I try the heart of the menu.

The decor, I really liked. It had art and soul. The atmosphere was sophisticated yet laid back. A perfect mix for eating, laughing and enjoying your friends. I would definitely go back just to enjoy the interior design.