Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mercy Mercy Me

This week I went to a going away party at Marvin, named after the gifted Marvin Gaye, in the U Street/Shaw neighborhood of Washington, DC. (He grew up in that neighborhood) Some of the design direction they chose seem vey reminiscent of old school DC, where many local artists like Marvin Gaye hung out.

The restaurant's menu ideas are based on a blend of the "soulful" Shaw neighborhood and a tribute to Marvin's stint in Ostend, Belgium where he apparently went to recover from substance abuse. (There is a great discussion on NPR about the restaurant and Marvin's time overseas:

While this is an interesting twist to a restaurant tribute, when you think of Marvin Gaye, do you really think of Belgium? But I won't let that take away from the laid back, charming decor and good food.

I wish I was able to get more pictures of the entire place. It has three bars, with one located on an outside deck, which draws large crowds all year long. Although I am not able to give you a comprehensive look at this nifty local spot, here are a few tidbits that caught my eye.

I love Billie Holiday!

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