Thursday, November 19, 2009

For the Fellas

Men, this post is for you. For those of you who are designed challenged, let me take you away from a bachelor pad consisting of a black leather sofa and some hand-me-down chairs; some black, gray, and white accessories thrown around in the form of posters and bedding; a little tinge of color coming from the fake plastic plant in the corner; and the huge flat screen as the only statement piece in the room.


Everything doesn't have to be black, white and gray. I know you like other colors such as red, blue, green, and brown. Use them. And blue doesn't have to mean primary blue, or primary red, etc. Experiment with different shades and contrasts.

Don't over decorate. That could take away from the masculine affect.

Try patterns. This will bring more interest to the room without trying too hard. Even black looks better with patterns.

Ask your female friends or girlfriend for their input. Women will be less discriminating about trying new things. You need that adventure in the room; and it doesn't mean you have to use floral patterns.

If you see something you like buy it. You'll find a place to put it.

Lastly, don't be scared to try. Sitting around in your broke down place dealing with the bare necessities just because you don't know how is unacceptable. Do something about it. Again, ask your female friends that like to decorate for their help.

Wait, what am I doing? This is way too much writing on this subject. You're already hating the idea of this, so let me get to the point.

Here are some suggestions to spruce up your place while still keeping it "manly".

West Elm

I love the corporate chic look of these monogrammed sheets.

It's black and white, but the circle pattern makes it interesting to look at.

Vases are great way to fill space with purpose. If a space looks empty, add an eye catching vase.
I know, it looks like flowers; but a damask print can soften up a place without being too "girly". Pair damask prints with masculine furniture and it creates a perfect balance.

Curtains are a must. They make a room a lot cozier.

Toss a throw at the bottom of your bed to provide texture.

Your bed has to make a statement.

Artwork is a must. You cannot have bare walls.

Lighting is very important in a room. It can create different moods and effects. This chandelier is perfect for a dining room. The linear lines keep it masculine, but the crystals give it the slight feminine effect necessary for a dining room.

Mirrors are another great way to cover your walls.

If you have an inoperable fireplace, stick these ivory pillar candles in there and create your own fire.
I love idea of these seven deadly sin candles.

You may or may not be into the whole candle thing, but trust me, you need them. They create mood and atmosphere. A must have accessory.

Everyone needs a down comforter. They are so comfortable! Use a duvet cover of your choice, and change up the look of your bed just by switching up your duvet. Duvets are like pillow cases for your comforter.

Crate and Barrel

See, leather looks great in colors other than black.

Your sofa should not only be comfortable, but it should look good.

Alright, so you've got a few tips to start with. Make it happen! I'm sure it will look great.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Party Over Here!

Remember my search for the perfect tablecloth at Home Goods? Well, I was able to put it to good use. I threw a small party for my grandparents 66th wedding anniversary. 66yrs- wow! That was definitely worth celebrating.

I had to make this table presentable for the celebration:
Pretty blah, right? I love my table, but not for a party. I wanted the table to have a crisp white color palate with pops of color.

So I called upon the economical guru of its class...
Surprise! It's not Home Goods! Ikea is more practical when buying items like champagne glasses in bulk. Home Goods has more quality items than they do bulk items; and sometimes you items that are more functional than stylish, especially when you're working with a budget.

This 3 tiered serving platter was only $15.

I love these over sized tea lights. $6 for a pack of 24 and $2 for a six pack of the glass candle holders. I also placed these all around the house.

This milky colored vase ($10) was perfect for my white color palate. I wanted to use some bright colored flowers to contrast the white vase.

Not pretty, but served its purpose. I picked up about 30 of these for $25.

These napkins are pretty good quality for such a reasonable price. $1.49/50pk.

The infamous tablecloth from Home Goods.

Remember my trip to CB2 in New York. Here are some of the purchase results... Love these.

And here is the table almost to completion:

I reused the water filled votive with the floating candle that I got from the bridal shower in NY that I shared with you in the Shower Me With Style post. It helps to be resourceful.

Congrats to my Grandparents for 66 years of amazing strength and commitment! I love you!

*This post is dedicated in loving memory to Greg Smith. Miss you.