Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How Will You Set Your Table for the Holidays?

I've mentioned before that setting a table is art. The holidays are a prefect time to display some of your artistic talents, whether it's the decoration you place around the house, dressing a Christmas tree, creating a wonderful meal, or masterfully designing a table for a holiday dinner. I've also said, eating a good meal should also include ambiance. The food always tastes better when you feel comfortable with the environment you're eating in and that environment evokes positive emotions.

Photo Credit: 1. Delish.com; 2,3, 4. HGTV; 5. getmarried.com; 6. Chez Larsson

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Global Sophistication

I'll take that chandelier and sofa, thank you...
And that fascinating mug may come with me too.

When You Use What You Buy

The vase I bought from CB2 was a great purchase for my office. It has inspired me to buy flowers for my desk every week. Ugh, I just added an expense. But 5-6 bucks a week at Trader Joe's isn't bad. It brings life to my daily routine, and that is priceless. I'm going to cut back on buying lunch everyday to compensate for expense.

It has also inspired me to think more thoughtfully about my purchases. Are you using what you buy? If you find that you are buying items that are not even put to good use, maybe you should think twice before kicking out that cash. It's hard I know, but from here on out, I am going try to be a more conscious shopper. "Try" is the operative word ;-)

Happy Veterans Day to all the veterans that served for our country. And a big "thank you" to our soldiers currently fighting on behalf of our country. Praying that you return home soon.