Thursday, November 12, 2009

Retro Chic or Retro Bleak?

Soo... I had to go to Des Moines, Iowa for work not too long ago. I stayed at the Sheraton in West Des Moines, and let's say it had its good and its bad points.

The good:

I love the classy, subtle white on white embroidery on this pillow. I want one with my initial on it, STAT!

I was trying to figure out a way to get this sofa back to D.C. No, seriously, I was. Love the color, love the leather, love-love the shape and style.

This carpet is so funky. It really complemented the sofa. I couldn't see it through an entire house, but I definitely would like to see it as an area rug.

The decent:

I mean, its a bed. It was warm, and I love white sheets... decent.

Granite counter tops in the midst of my retro experience...

The bathroom looked like it had been updated since the 70s; so by default, it was decent.

Generally speaking, I like the idea of black and white photos.

The bad:

Plaid pillows? Two toned sofa?

Very masculine. A hotel should cater their design to both sexes.


This entire room, with the exception of the kitchen area, looked too outdated.

Ugh. These curtains were horrible. Why? The pillows were bad enough.

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