Tuesday, July 21, 2009

On the Cheap: Wine and Cheese

This weekend a close friend of mine and I went to the oh so magnetic Trader Joe's. I haven't met a person that isn't at least mildly obsessed with that place. While sauntering over to pick up some of the creamiest brie I've ever tasted for under $5 (under any amount, to be honest), I ran into a wine and cheese taste stand...

The woman suggested their new Sauvignon Blanc- a New Zealand wine called Vin-Koru, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. It was surprisingly tasty. It wasn't too sweet like a lot of the SB's, but instead it was mild with hints of citrus. So I was sold. But wait-- how much? I'm on a budget here. After finding the Australia/New Zealand wine section I hold my breath when I glance at the price...

$5.99!! Yeah, like that stayed on the shelf.

Wine for me strikes up so many kinds of emotions depending on the venue and the individual. It can be relaxing, meditative, romantic, lonely, funny, social, inviting, etc. So to experience a good bottle of wine, it is all in the details.

No matter how cheap the wine, always pair it with nice glasses and ambiance. Heck, even if its cranberry juice, a nice wine glass and some candles are always appropriate. Who am I to judge. I got these great glasses at, gasp, Ross Dress For Less! Four for $6.99. They're Italian (glass, but hey- its 7 bucks) by Bormioli Rocco. The stems are so elegant and the shape of these glasses are so classic. No one would ever know how inexpensive they are; and paired with the delectable brie from Trader Joe's... as they say in Italy- belissimo!

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