Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Art of Fusing Blue and Yellow

In my post on The Art of the Blues, I promised I would look into successful blends of blue and yellow. It was an extremely difficult task. It is not that I didn't find decor attempts at commingling the two, I just didn't find many that didn't make me somewhat ill- did I say that?

Emotionally, yellow and blue appear to be conflicting colors except for the fact that it could create one-big-weight loss inducing room (see The Art of the Blues). Yellow can elicit feelings of cheerfulness and warmth, but also frustration and anger. Blue, among several things, is calming and tranquil. But why not feel calm, cheery and frustrated at the same time? We are very complex creatures that way. I just hope it doesn't send you into a psychological tailspin.

Well, here is what I believe are a few successful attempts at fusing the now infamous (at least here at The Art of...) BLUE AND YELLOW.

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