Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Food Diary: Try the Unexpected

Last night my humorous and great friend from undergrad fortuitously brought me out of the house to enjoy the weather-perfect evening in Washington, D.C. While our first stop just didn't evoke the vibe and energy I was looking for, we ended up at the good ol' faithfully laid back, casual, always reliable, The Reef in Adams Morgan. They have an upstairs deck and boast of unique beers and a free range, organic, sustainable menu.

My friend enjoyed their freshly made pretzels with hot mustard sauce and a bean sprout salad; and I had the fish tacos. It came as a surprise, however, when I saw that they put a whole piece of tilapia in a tortilla, but it was actually quite delicious.

The unexpected came with the dessert. We split a decadent brownie with the surprise ingredient of chili powder. It was interesting. It tasted just like a brownie, but after you chewed it and swallowed, there was this punch of spice to the back of your throat. Reminds me of a drink I had a Bangkok Joe's that was so spicy it melted my memory, so I don't remember the name of it. But it was good!

An honorable mention to the "Liquid Wasabi" at SEI.

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