Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kumquat Digestif- The Morning After; The Art of Preparing a Meal

A little while back I told you I was making a Kumquat Digestif. It finally finished infusing, and I was able to try it. First I prepared a delicious meal of Thai Steak with jasmine rice and and a spicy cabbage salad; and a Tomato-Cucumber salad with mint, almonds and feta cheese (I substituted the feta with ricotta salata cheese because of my distaste for feta).

After the meal was over, we finally tried the digestif- la raison d'etre. My dinner guest really liked the Kumquat Digestif and said that it tasted like Grand Marnier. It was a bit too sweet for me, so I have since added some more thyme, kumquats, and vodka to cut the sugar a little bit. Yummy.

Of course, with my obsession to all things relating to a dish or a glass, I had to set the table appropriately. I've previously discussed a few of my dinner pieces here, here, and here. I was glad to be able to bring them together in this attractive, yet not too overstated table setting. It is great to have a dinner like this every once and a while, where you actually prepare an extensive meal and organize a more elaborate table for your guests. You feel accomplished and satisfied that you're actually capable of something artistic, because cooking and setting a table is art.

Great food, great environment, great company. You have to enjoy the little things... and all of this simply because I wanted to try the Kumquat Digestif. I guess bigger ideas start with the small ones.

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