Friday, January 8, 2010

Arts and Crafts: Chalkboard for the Kitchen

Recently I posted about how expensive chalkboards are. I wanted one for my kitchen but didn't want to spend a lot of money. So I took some guidance from Aubrey + Lindsay's post on how to make a chalkboard for under $40.

Of course I went to none other than Home Goods to look for a frame. I splurged a little on the frame. It was $25. You can definitely find a cheaper frame for about $10-$15, but I really liked the frame I purchased. I bought chalkboard paint from Home Depot for about 11 bucks.

I was so embarrassed by the picture in the frame, I felt the need to tell the cashier I was buying it for the frame not the print. She said she wouldn't have judged me, but I could not have blamed her if she did.

I decided to paint the glass protecting the print with several coats of the chalkboard paint. 4-5 coats should be sufficient, but you can make the determination to add another coat if desired after the paint has dried.

Check out the results!

This took very little time and and very little money. If you're on a budget, always figure out cheaper alternatives like figuring out ways to do it yourself.

I think mine looks a lot better than that old Pottery Barn chalkboard for $150, don't you?

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