Monday, December 21, 2009

Find Me a Cocktail Table

My friend emailed me that she liked the cocktail table in the Eating With Art and Soul post. She said that she would like something similar in her condo, but that it cannot take up too much space.

Here is the cocktail table:

Here are some options she may want to explore...

Inexpensive options:
Find at:; Modern 38-inch Mariner Coffee Table, $93.99. This coffee table is a great size for condo living, and the glass material does not visually demand your space. It still allows the room to look open.
Find at:; Contemporary Black Coffee Table, $165.95. This coffee table is perfect for a small space. It is multifunctional, and they are nesting tables that can be pushed together to create more space. Pull them apart for guests and entertaining.

Find at; Kidney Bean Coffee Table; $159.00. It comes in 4 different stains. Also try for 8 more color choices, and its cheaper at $115.00.

Moderately priced options:

Find at Modern Line Furniture; $199.95. This is actually an end table, but I think it would work superbly as a coffee table. At 29"l x 23"w x 20"h; this is ideal for a small space.

Find at; Trace Cocktail Table, $263.20

More expensive options:
Find at; Eko Cocktail Table; $335.20.

Find at; Hannah Cocktail Table, $423.20. I love the bold statement of this table without being too large and commanding. It's contemporary and sleek. It pairs perfectly with all types of decor.

Hope this helps!

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